StockholmCpp 2022

It was not precisely the year zero after the c-19 lockdowns. We had one event in November 2021. But after this short moment of back to normal, restrictions struck again, and we could not start the new year as usual in January.

February, back in the cave

It was the 4th time we visited Atlas Copco, our traditional new year location.

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We had two very interesting talks about C++, Testing non-compiling code Functional parsing in C++20, by Arno and Petter. I did also a short info talk about the Swedish JTC1/SC22 mirror and the local WG21 group.

And we had, of course, some mingling time. It was so awesome to see all the people in person again.

All talks are available on Youtube.

April, fika dags

Fika dags is Swedish and means time for a coffee.

Usual Meetups don’t allows me to talk with people a lot. Too much to do. Therefore, every now and then, I like to have a Meetup in a coffee. To meet people and talk, no program.

Previously, we had Meetups in coffee with 10 to 20 people. This time not even a hand full showed up. I blame C19 for that. People became lazy. It was still a nice afternoon, but I hope, for the next fika dags, more people will come.

June, Not your Grandparent’s C++

Begin of June we visited NetInsight. A recurring host for our events.
It was a remarkable evening. We had a special visitor from abroad for the event: Phil Nash.

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Persistence can matter. I asked Phil for years to come to Stockholm, and finally, he came. He did a great talk in two parts, and we had a super lovely mingle time in between.

Both talks are available on Youtube.

August, Learning from Rust, Typical C++

The first time we visited the Nexer office in Stockholm, we will happily come again. We had luck with the weather. It was an unusually warm late August Stockholm evening, with life outdoor Pizza baking during the mingle time. That was fun.

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Arvid and Björn, long-time members and frequent speakers at our events, delivered excellent talks. It’s a privilege to have such experienced members in our community who willingly contribute and share their know-how.

Both talks are available on Youtube.

September, unplanned but excellent

Mathieu asked for a possibility to test his talk Breaking Enigma With the Power of Modern C++, so we did this event on short-notice. Thanks a lot to Berotec to jump in and hosting us. We have really awesome partners as event hosts. It was good to be on Solna Strand again.

highres 506901719

Mathieu is a guarantee for excellent talks. This one was no exception.

To have a second talk and to give a presentation this year, I stepped in and talked about Swift-C++ interoperability.

Personal note: This Meetup brought me to my limits. I had new recording gear for the video, giving a talk, and hosting the event, …​ I need to handle that differently in the future. But in the end, everything was fine, even if we had some audio trouble with the video recording. Luckily, there was a backup mic, so we have videos worth seeing.

Both talks are available on Youtube.

October, listen casandra

In October we visited Prevas again. The same location where we had our first Meetup after C19, in 2022, shortly before the new winter lockdown. Prevas is a reliable partner in our network who regularly hosts our events.

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We had two talks a bit outside the usual C++ code focues topics for this event. Madeleine Schönemann, Hear me - 5 keys to becoming a better listener and Ruslan Fomkin with Cassandra, accessing it and Astra DB from C++. A welcome enrichment of our program!

Madeleine lives in South Sweden. I knew who she is from her role as co-host of the developers podcast. So I contacted her and asked if she would come to Stockholm to give a talk for us. She did. How awesome is that!

I like to extend the scope of our C++ Meetups with additional topics. It has enormous value to look over the fence sometimes. Not just for me but for developers in general.

Both talks are available on Youtube.

December, I miss my birthday party

In December, we had a Meetup at the Oracle office in Stockholm. Java’s implementation is done in C++, so that’s a perfect location.

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I planned this event as a secret birthday party for myself. Small audience, a cozy location, no extensive planning. Lightning talk sessions from whoever wanted to talk. And a lot of mingling time. I wanted to enjoy the evening, focus on the video recording, and have a lot of time with others.
But then I became sick, and so I had to miss the event 😢.

The feedback from the people visiting was excellent. Seven of lighting talks. Lot of mingling time. It seems everyone enjoyed it.

Since I missed the event, we have no videos of the talks. That is quite unfortunate.


The year started slowly and gained traction later on. I am very happy that our - over space and time distributed - C++ conference continues.

Beside running the Stockholm Meetups, I invested also a lot of time and energy in other aspects of the local C++ community. But that might become a topic for an extra post. Stay tuned!

It was challenging, this reboot after the C19 break. Life had changed during lockdowns. I had filled my time with other activities. Now I needed to fit into an active meetup organizer role again. I do not feel that has happened 100% yet, but I think we are on a good way. I am looking very much forward to a continuation next year.

You can see the full list of our events on our Meetup page, and all our videos on our Youtube channel.

Call for Papers!

We are a community from the community for the community. Without participation from our members and friends, we can not create events. If you have an idea for a talk about C++, or a closely related topic, please contact me!

For 2023 I would like to have a *#include<beginners>*topic focus.
Presentation for C++ beginners are extra welcome!

Even if you do not live in Stockholm or Sweden, let me know you want to talk. Maybe we can still make it possible.