Script free social media sharing buttons for this blog

When I created this blog, my knowledge of HTML was …​ not that high. I worked on web projects, but usually, the HTML part was done by other people. I just rendered some data, server sidewise, into pages done by others.

However, for this blog, I wanted to provide a simple way to share a post on social media pages.

My first solution

I searched for a solution and found add to any. It was the solution I could make work without knowing what I do.
The classical copy and paste some code solution. A predecessor of the GitHub Copilot way, so to speak ;-)

Tracking free?

Over time I became a little bit unhappy with the solution. It looked and worked great, but I do not know about the tracing aspect of this solution and I want my blog to be tracking-free. I think this becomes more and more important. (This is why the next java script I will remove from this page is google analytics, which has the same origin story. I am not sure how to replace that since I want some counter for page visits. If you have any alternatives, please let me know about them.)

Finally, I found time to do something. The solution I have now is This is java script free, plain HTML. Even the icons are inline svg. The button icons are not that beautiful (yet), but I hope I can fix that later.

You can see them below, I hope they work as they should. If you want help testing, try them out.