Slackbuild binary runtime dependencies


A new Slackware release, a new sbbdep release. Well, there is no actual relation, beside that the new Slackware release motivated me to finalize the release of sbbdep 0.2.6. Everything was already done, except final test on Slackware 14.1 and 14.2, and at least one of them, I used 14.1, in 32 bit mode. So in sum a lot of work.

But now I posted the release information on I hope everything goes well, it is astonishing how many small details can go wrong, even with such a small release. I had to learn some lessons with previous versions, hopefully this time there are no surprises.

What is sbbdep

sbbdep is the tool for exploring binary runtime dependencies on Slackware and Slackware based systems. It is not a dependency checker, it is a information utility. You give it a binary, library, or a package name, and sbbdep tells you what libraries are required, or which other files depend on the given input.

The way sbbdep works is that sbbdep creates an index by simulating the linker for each binary or library in the system, and storing this information in a sqlite database. So all dependency information is instant available. More information can be found oh the help page, here or here, what is a bit stupid to have the documentation redundant on 2 locations, but I am on the way to find out which markup I prefer, so I currently use both systems. And of course both docus are not up to date and still talk about the previous version. But I will fix this later.