Not that lazy as I seem to be


When I started this blog one of my greatest worries was that I will not be able toe regularly publish blog entries.
The motivation was to post one time per month but June was already the second month without a blog post. And that within just 6 months!
Lazy me?
Well, maybe, I like to be lazy. Being lazy is actually one of the main motivation for me to be a developer. But it’s not that I did not do anything, beside my full time job which I take pretty seriously.
And to show that I am not that lazy, here a short summary of some of my most important tasks during the last one or two month.

Fixes in the Bitbake guide

I got a great bug report with a lot of fixes targeting errors I had in my use of the English language.

There is also a sad side with that, since it seems to indicate that my knowledge of the English language is much more worse as I thought it is. And I know that since I have to deal with a third language, Swedish, my English did definitely not become better.

Analytics tells me that the BitBake guide has had more then three and a half thousand page views within the first 6 months of this year. And that the Avg. Time on Page is nearly 8 Minutes, what indicates that some people do indeed read and work with the guide.
This is much more than expected and it makes me really happy and excited! And of course my English should not be an impediment for people that work with this document. That’s why I am really thankful for this type of bug reports, even if it means some additional work in my spare time.

Some development

Some news about sbbdep and libsl3.

It is already some weeks ago that I implemented a new feature in sbbdep. Now it’s possible to apply a filter that suppresses the reporting of some packages. I also got a bug report for sbbdep. There was a condition in the data it processed from which I thought it could not be possible. So an assert was triggered. The good thing was that I had this assert, so I did exactly know the code location. It took just some time to find out what could have be the cause for this kind of special input data.

Now I have to prepare a new release, which has to be done as soon as possible. Since few days back there is also Slackware 14.2, so this is a nice timing.

Than I did some changes in libsl3, mostly infrastructure related, but not only. Now I have to think about how to deal with the situation. Over short or long it will be a independent project, what it is already. But I do not want to add this as an external dependency to sbbdep, so sbbdep will continue include it’s own snapshot of this library. This required some changes in the build structure, fortunately with CMake this is an easy task.
I have libsl3 in the openSUSE build service, which is currently only for openSUSE Leap but also a placeholder for a wider binary distribution.

C++ Stockholm, Sweden User Group


This was the biggest time eater, but also the most fun one and the story goes like that:
I was member of the user group for quite a while, but there have been no meetings at all. Than I got the notification that the current organizer stepped back, and that the group on meetup will vanish if no other steps in. This was on a Thursday, so I thought, OK, lets wait and see what happens. Nothing happened, and on Monday evening I said to my self that after 4 days nobody will think about that group anymore. So I decided to step in, payed the costs for the group and became the new organizer.

And to make a long story short:
Now there is a organizer team, sponsors and upcoming events.
Pretty cool and I am really happy.

6 month of blogging summary

6 month of blogging and still not a single post about C++, what should be my special topic.

But, as a German saying goes, sometimes things develop different as you might think. And I am absolutely not dissatisfied, I like how things develop currently.
But my next post should definitely have some C++ content, or at least some C++ relation, for sure, hopefully…​ :-)

Thanks for listening/reading!
If you have any comment, find typos that are to fix, please feel free to use the comment section below.