To blog or not to blog

hamletApe It is obvious very easy to not write a blog, for me it works out of the box. So why should I change something and start writing one?

Well, possible I will not and this will stay the only entry here, let’s see. It is not that I am one of those developers that hate to write, in general or documentation in special. The opposite is true, sometimes I like and even enjoy writing and I do it even in my spare time. Sometimes even with visible results.

So I know that writing takes time, and writing in a foreign language, that’s what English is to me, takes even more time. And that there is writing and writing.
Taking notes and type something fast into the editor for yourself is one thing. Bringing it into a form so that others can read it and have a clue what the text is about is an other thing.
In short, writing a blog would take some of may spare time that I would use for my other hobby projects. And this is the only con I can think about.

So let’s focus on the pro site. There are a lot of reasons to spend more time with writing. The primary reason for me might becoming a bit more skilled and faster through more regular praxis in writing and structured thinking.
And you can’t do wrong if you follow the words of a person like Leslie Lamport.

So it is to blog, and lets see how much of my spare time I can redirect into train my writing skills.