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13 Sep 2021:

Linting conan packages using the conan test command

How to simply implement you custom conan package verifications

22 Aug 2021:

From google analytics to Plausible

Good by google analytics, hello Plausible !

29 Jul 2021:

Script free social media sharing buttons for this blog

Removing some third party java script from this homepage

22 May 2021:

Unlimited bash/zsh history

Unlimited history in the shell and nice autocompletion with arrow keys

28 Feb 2021:

Conan just works (not only on the M1)

Conan just works, but not all packages compile

14 Feb 2021:

Exploring the M1 (Getting started with Conan)

Will my C++ code compile and run on Apple Silicon? Part 2, setup Conan

12 Feb 2021:

Exploring the M1 (as a C++ developer)

Will my C++ code compile and run on Apple Silicon? Part 1, getting started ...

03 Dec 2020:

StockholmCpp in 2020

2020 was in many aspects a special year, also for StockholmCpp

26 Aug 2020:

A (my) Mac setup guide

The basic tasks I did to get a new MacBook Pro usable (for me and for work)

21 Jun 2020:

Moving this site to a new location

For 4 years I had my homepage/blog on bitbucket, but now it moves to gitlab. Here is why, and also the how.

02 Dec 2019:

StockholmCpp in 2019

The yearly summary of our C++ user group activity in Stockholm.

07 Oct 2019:

Windows 10 survivor kit (2019 edition)

3 years after my last installation of Windows 10 I did it again. What changed?.

30 Apr 2019:

Git like sub-commands with argh

How to write a modern command line application using argh the simple way.

26 Dec 2018:

StockholmCpp in 2018

The yearly summary of our C++ user group activity in Stockholm.

18 Dec 2018:

SwedenCpp 2018, the name odyssey

Why SwedenCpp is now StockholmCpp, but still exists

17 May 2018:

Speed up your C++ unit tests cycles with CMake/CTest (and the right testing framework)

How to use CMake + doctest for faster test builds and execution.

03 Dec 2017:

SwedenCpp 2017 summary

A summary of 12 months C++ user group activity in Stockholm.

19 Oct 2017:

Why you should participate in your local user group

Why and how to participate in your local C++ user group.

14 Oct 2017:

Using SQLite3 in your C++ application

A video you should watch if you use sqlite in your application.

08 Oct 2017:

Can a type be used as another one

How to ensure type requirements i your templates (in pre contract times), and print a human error message when they are not fulfilled.

11 Jul 2017:

Compose function to measure function call times

Some simple compile time magic to create a sometimes useful helper

07 May 2017:

Decorating pointer variables, this time Qt

Some useful helper for some Qt pointer types.

11 Apr 2017:

RAII test timeout insurance

Ensure some code does not run forever.

02 Mar 2017:

Adding an optional_ptr to my tool box

Why I add an additional smart pointer into my toolbox, and what it does.

15 Feb 2017:

Growing std::array

Some compile time functions for std::array.

19 Jan 2017:

A convenient way creating a std::array

Some syntax sugar to create and std::array the short way.

11 Jan 2017:

Extreme type erasure via std::function

A tutorial and example.

16 Nov 2016:

Let me coin a phrase

Opinion based programming, does this even exist?

30 Oct 2016:

Delayed September retrospective && SwedenCpp

A new C++ user group and this is what was going on.

30 Aug 2016:

My 2 cent to the recent CppChat

My simple developer view on std move and some of it's effects

21 Aug 2016:

Windows 10 survivor kit

My notes for tweaking a Windows installation as a non regularly Windows user

13 Jul 2016:

Slackbuild binary runtime dependencies

sbbdep, (Slack Build Binary Dependencies), the tool for exploring binary runtime dependencies on Slackware and Slackware based systems.

07 Jul 2016:

Not that lazy as I seem to be

That there is not much new on this blog does not mean there are no news at all

28 May 2016:

About a broken interface and why ZMQ C4 is worth reading

When some tool's new version breaks your work...

03 May 2016:

Some thoughts on doxygen usage

Because it was a topic at work, 3 things about doxygen usage

14 Feb 2016:

My tools for modern static

Sometimes it is only a matter of the right tools if something does happen.

25 Jan 2016:

To blog or not to blog

It is obvious very easy to not write a blog, for me it works out of the box. So why change something and start writing one?