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07 May 2023:

CPP, C++ Pain Points

The 2023 Annual C++ Developer Survey "Lite" has released its results. Among other valuable information, it also highlights C++ developers' pain points. Let's have a look at the top 3 reported ones.

17 Apr 2023:

Conan2 is great, but not just

Conan2 reinvented itself and is now much better, but for existing users, there can be serious challenges

17 Dec 2022:

StockholmCpp 2022

Post-C-19, and we have in-person meetings again. A lot has happened, here the yearly summary.

12 Mar 2022:

Debug Conan recipes in VS Code

Conan recipes are Python programs. As such, they can have bugs. If that happens you might want to debug them. Here is how that works.

08 Jan 2022:

The 100% test coverage topic

When it comes to testing, I like 100% code coverage. Not everyone does.

19 Dec 2021:

SwedenCpp 2021

Over the years it became my nice tradition to write a yearly summary about the local C++ community activities.

13 Sep 2021:

Linting conan packages using the conan test command

How to simply implement you custom conan package verifications

22 Aug 2021:

From google analytics to Plausible

Good by google analytics, hello Plausible !

29 Jul 2021:

Script free social media sharing buttons for this blog

Removing some third party java script from this homepage

22 May 2021:

Unlimited bash/zsh history

Unlimited history in the shell and nice autocompletion with arrow keys

28 Feb 2021:

Conan just works (not only on the M1)

Conan just works, but not all packages compile

14 Feb 2021:

Exploring the M1 (Getting started with Conan)

Will my C++ code compile and run on Apple Silicon? Part 2, setup Conan

12 Feb 2021:

Exploring the M1 (as a C++ developer)

Will my C++ code compile and run on Apple Silicon? Part 1, getting started ...

03 Dec 2020:

StockholmCpp in 2020

2020 was in many aspects a special year, also for StockholmCpp

26 Aug 2020:

A (my) Mac setup guide

The basic tasks I did to get a new MacBook Pro usable (for me and for work)

21 Jun 2020:

Moving this site to a new location

For 4 years I had my homepage/blog on bitbucket, but now it moves to gitlab. Here is why, and also the how.

02 Dec 2019:

StockholmCpp in 2019

The yearly summary of our C++ user group activity in Stockholm.

07 Oct 2019:

Windows 10 survivor kit (2019 edition)

3 years after my last installation of Windows 10 I did it again. What changed?.

30 Apr 2019:

Git like sub-commands with argh

How to write a modern command line application using argh the simple way.

26 Dec 2018:

StockholmCpp in 2018

The yearly summary of our C++ user group activity in Stockholm.

18 Dec 2018:

SwedenCpp 2018, the name odyssey

Why SwedenCpp is now StockholmCpp, but still exists

17 May 2018:

Speed up your C++ unit tests cycles with CMake/CTest (and the right testing framework)

How to use CMake + doctest for faster test builds and execution.

03 Dec 2017:

SwedenCpp 2017 summary

A summary of 12 months C++ user group activity in Stockholm.

19 Oct 2017:

Why you should participate in your local user group

Why and how to participate in your local C++ user group.

14 Oct 2017:

Using SQLite3 in your C++ application

A video you should watch if you use sqlite in your application.

08 Oct 2017:

Can a type be used as another one

How to ensure type requirements i your templates (in pre contract times), and print a human error message when they are not fulfilled.

11 Jul 2017:

Compose function to measure function call times

Some simple compile time magic to create a sometimes useful helper

07 May 2017:

Decorating pointer variables, this time Qt

Some useful helper for some Qt pointer types.

11 Apr 2017:

RAII test timeout insurance

Ensure some code does not run forever.

02 Mar 2017:

Adding an optional_ptr to my tool box

Why I add an additional smart pointer into my toolbox, and what it does.

15 Feb 2017:

Growing std::array

Some compile time functions for std::array.

19 Jan 2017:

A convenient way creating a std::array

Some syntax sugar to create and std::array the short way.

11 Jan 2017:

Extreme type erasure via std::function

A tutorial and example.

16 Nov 2016:

Let me coin a phrase

Opinion based programming, does this even exist?

30 Oct 2016:

Delayed September retrospective && SwedenCpp

A new C++ user group and this is what was going on.

30 Aug 2016:

My 2 cent to the recent CppChat

My simple developer view on std move and some of it's effects

21 Aug 2016:

Windows 10 survivor kit

My notes for tweaking a Windows installation as a non regularly Windows user

13 Jul 2016:

Slackbuild binary runtime dependencies

sbbdep, (Slack Build Binary Dependencies), the tool for exploring binary runtime dependencies on Slackware and Slackware based systems.

07 Jul 2016:

Not that lazy as I seem to be

That there is not much new on this blog does not mean there are no news at all

28 May 2016:

About a broken interface and why ZMQ C4 is worth reading

When some tool's new version breaks your work...

03 May 2016:

Some thoughts on doxygen usage

Because it was a topic at work, 3 things about doxygen usage

14 Feb 2016:

My tools for modern static

Sometimes it is only a matter of the right tools if something does happen.

25 Jan 2016:

To blog or not to blog

It is obvious very easy to not write a blog, for me it works out of the box. So why change something and start writing one?