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Written in Asciidoctor, baked with Nanoc hosted on Gitlab.
Thanks the creators of those wonderful tools!

About me

My origins are in Vienna/Austria but I live in Stockholm/Sweden.

I develop software since the mid nineties of the last century. It is an exciting and interesting job, sometimes also a little crazy, but I still like it. Mostly I am involved in C++ projects on Linux, but I also work on Windows and OSX, using other programming languages as well.
In recent time I developed a huge interest in automatization and tooling, CI/CD and devops.

I like to spend my spare time together with my family. When time is left I am in front of a computer or a book, for fun and for learning purpose. I am also very actively involved in the local C++ developer community, what consumes a huge part of my available time left.

Some visible results from my spare time and hobby activities
  • This site, with my blog :-)
    I do not do as much writing as I would like to do theses days, but maybe, and hopefully, this will change.

  • The local C++ meetup group
    StockholmCpp, the C++ user group of Stockholm, by far my favorite hobby. You can find some more information about that topic on my blog.

  • The swedencpp youtube channel
    I learned how to edit videos and the results can be seen at youtube. There are also some of my talks among the recordings. I like this kind of activity a lot since it is very different to my programming and other IT related tasks.

  • The swedencpp website
    swedencpp is a nodejs application with a html frontend. I am somehow proud about that since it is something different to what I usually do. When time allows it, I will add some more functionality.

  • My bitbake tutorial.
    A intro to bitbake. This page has more than 1000 views per month and is also under the top search results at google for a bitbake tutorial. This makes me very proud;-), but also means I need to keep this document up to date, since bitbake changes over time.

Archive, oldies but goldies

Beside I am also active contributor to other open source projects. Usually when I use some tool, and need some functionality or find some issue, I just fix it and send the result upstream.

If you are interested what I do for living, there is some more info on my linkedin profile which I try to keep up to date, occasionally.
Direct contact is possible via harald dot achitz at gmail dot com.